Thursday, March 22, 2012

First hair cut



He's a big boy now with his new look.
I just love watching this little guy grow up!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Vivian Kate Colombo

Today I'm remembering a sweet friend. 

It's hard to believe that 8 years ago today she went to be Jesus.

Vivian had one of the happiest personalities of anyone that I have ever met. She would see the best in everything. She didn't hesitate showing her emotions or hold back her excitement. For example,  the first time she came over to my house we hadn't known each other too well yet. We walked into my bedroom and she SCREAMED out loud. I was so caught off guard and thought something terrible happened. When I turned around, all I saw was Vivian flying through the air and landing on my bed.

 She started laughing and said: 
"I love your bed. It's so big and tall and there are so many pillows on it that I just HAD to run and jump on it."  

I remember thinking: "Wow, this girl is not afraid to be herself."
 Most 17 year old's (including myself) would have been too embarrassed of what there new friend might have thought of them...
but not Vivian. 

She was full of life
 .   .   .   .   .

Here's a few pictures I thought I would share

This was handed out at her memorial service

Born: November 23rd, 1984
Went to be with Jesus March 9, 2004

More than anything Vivian loved Jesus and lived her life honoring Him. 

Her life is a beautiful testament 
and her story has touched the lives of so many.

This video was made by Tim O'Brien and was shown at her Memorial service.
If you watch this movie, you might want to mute my playlist (located at the bottom of this page)
 so that you can hear the movie.

If you knew Vivian, 
please share a fun memory. 
I would love to hear your favorite story of her.