Friday, January 27, 2012

Notebook from my mom

When I was a little girl I didn't really care for reading, but there was one book I loved. It was a notebook full of my moms favorite verses, poems, quotes and jokes that she collected through the years. She always kept the book in the living room... I just loved sitting on the couch flipping through the pages. For some reason that book never got old to me. Every now and then my mom would add new information (and I read it so often that I always knew when it had been updated). 

For Christmas this past year my mom gave all of us girls a notebook. Not an empty notebook.  A book filled with (handwritten) pages of all her special verses, quotes, etc... I was so excited!! I was also impressed because she very easily could have photocopied the pages from her original book and given us those copies. But no, she hand wrote every word into the new books (4 times might I add). She's the greatest! 

I will post bits from this special book every once in awhile (I'll always post them in green ink)

"Others will follow your footsteps more easily than they will your advice" ~author unknown

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