Friday, January 25, 2013's been awhile since I've posted. Oops.

My only excuse is that it's been a fun, crazy, and busy last few months. The main reason for not posting is that we started doing some work on our house in May and we just completely finished about a month ago (yes, it's January). For most of that time, our internet in the house was disconnected, so that makes it difficult when wanting to blog. 

Here are just a few highlights over the past few months:

May 2012
Columbia trip with my family

May 2012
We made an announcement
Baby Boy #2 coming December 2012

June 2012
Carmel trip with our families

Yes, we had him on a leash. 
Most people in Carmel walk their dogs on a leash, but we walk our child.

Playing in the ocean with Uncle Aaron

He LOVED the sand!

.     .     .

June 2012

Jack and I brought daddy lunch in the harvest field

July 2012


 (different day, more mud)

.     .     .

Surprise 40th Wedding Anniversary 
dinner for my mom and dad

Fall 2012
Searching for the perfect pumpkin with cousin Averi

Jack was a train engineer for his cousins Halloween birthday party

We surprised my dad with a Taco Truck for his 60th birthday 

Jack would rather ride his trike than eat tacos

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